Careful Handling Can Make Your Louis Vuitton Monogram Last For Ages

Now that you have finally laid your hand on a Louis Vuitton purse, it is expected that you know, this is not just another bag. The accessories manufactured by this designer boutique is special, which is why, it needs a little extra care. Well, care is not just about cleaning or polishing. You should make sure to handle your wallet or purse, whenever you take it out. People who want to keep the shine of their handbag intact for years can checkout for some simple usage guidelines mentioned below.

Protect it from shocks and abrasive surface- Whether you have purchased the designer handbag for casual use or want to use it regularly for office purpose, you need to protect it from shocks. Keep it carefully and ensure that it does not get rubbed against any abrasive surface. If the leather or canvas of the bag gets rubbed against any rough surface, its shine might get damaged permanently. However, in case, your bag is damaged accidentally, you should be make sure to contact the store at once.

Protect it from direct sunlight or rain

Always remember that your louis vuitton monogram  is special than anything else. Therefore, you should make sure that the bag is neither exposed to direct sunlight or to rain. Even though the material used for manufacturing products of this designer brand is fire and water resistant, you should not intentionally expose it to any of water or heat. Also keep your bag safe from dirt and dust, so that it shine is retained for ages.

Never try to repair it on your own-  If you have somehow damaged the shine of your bag and want to restore its old look, it will be better for you to take the help of experts, who know the tricks of the task. Contact your seller and ask for polishing the bag or repairing the bag so that it gets back its old look. Never use any detergent or hard soap for cleaning accessories manufactured by Louis Vuitton, as this will damage the canvas permanently and you will never be able to flaunt your style again.

When you are not using the Louis Vuitton accessories in your possession, you should store it carefully. Do not allow it to linger here and there. Keep it in a pouch and store in a cool as well as dry place. Ensure that the product is not affected by dampness or insects.